Programming With Python (BETA)

What is the idea?

In this course we learn the fundamentals of computer programming using Python language. We do not waste time on Hello World examples. We start by solving real statistical problems and we start with Object Oriented methodology which is the most valued by the job market.

Basically, this course is designed based on using case studies. Therefore, we start to learn the professional way of programming right away. The course materials are crafted carefully, So, we will not miss any required detail or trick.

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What will you learn?

  • How to install and use Python
  • How to debug programs
  • The structure of a program
  • How to design a program
  • How to test a program
  • Using Python for data analysis
  • Python internals which are used as inteview questions by employers


Anybody who wants to learn computer programming and who wants to start with a popular easy language.

Anybody who knows already computer programming and wants to benefit from Python capabilities.


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